Raf Hussain

Raf Hussain began boxing training at the age of 7, and found Muay Thai at the age of 14. He completely immersed himself in Muay Thai training and soon entered competitions followed by victories.  By the age of 18, Raf was instructing Muay Thai full time, during which time Raf became a National Champion thereafter a British champion.

Raf is the proprietor of 8 Limbs Muay Thai Martial Arts Academies. The first Academy that he started in Coventry opened in 2010. After the rapid success of the Coventry academy, the second branch was on the horizon, this became a reality in 2014 when Raf opened the second branch in Birmingham. Both branches are running regularly with popularity increasing week on week. Raf has now been in this Muay Thai for over 25 years, which has produced many successful fighters who have gained international recognition.


Raf is a recognised and respected instructor and has many champions amongst his students who have won Regional, National, English, British, European, Intercontinental, Commonwealth and World Championships. This demonstrates his ability to guide potential students to reach great heights. He is a dedicated, skilled, meticulous and affable instructor with a focus on fine tuning a student’s martial skills. Furthermore, Raf promotes the art of Muay Thai with regular events under S3 Fight League which is becoming a popular fight night brand in and around UK. Raf continues to promote Muay Thai with his academies and promotions.

His achievements in Martial Arts are as follows​

Belts, Bands, Medals:
  • WKA Muay Thai Silver Medalist
  • Red Band in Muay Thai (equivalent to a black belt in any other martial art)
Belts, Bands, Medals:
  • WAKO Muay Thai National Champion
  • IKF Muay Thai British Champion
  • IKF Muay Thai World Challenger
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt

2018 Winner for The role model of the year award at The Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards
2018 Inducted into the Martial Arts UK Hall of Fame
2018 Coventry Sports Awards Finalist for Contributions to the community
2017 Awarded Unsung hero of the year at The British Martial Arts Awards
2017 Awarded the Black Belt Open Championship award by Martial Arts Illustrated
2016 Asian Achievers Awards at the Houses of Parliament
2016 Inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame


  • Two full-time Muay Thai Martial Arts Academies (Coventry & Birmingham)
  • Promoter of Muay Thai events in the UK